Virtue Principles

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Physical strength is the mother of all other athletic qualities.  Speed, strength, agility, and balance are characteristics of a healthy lifestyle.  If you are missing components of physical strength you will be limited in your ability to adapt to and enjoy life. Normal life events (such as pushing a broken-down car, carrying a heavy ice chest down to the beach, rock climbing in Joshua Tree, or even carrying groceries up a flight of stairs to your apartment) can become quite an ordeal if you body lacks the stamina that it needs.

Do you want the strength required to live a life with out limitations?

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Your mindset before entering a task will directly impact your success.  Whether it is picking up an uncomfortably heavy weight, having a difficult conversation with a loved one, saying no to a second helping, or grinding away on a project at work, we all experience situations that require mental strength. If your mindset is compromised before going into these environments the outcome may not be positive.  Thus, training and strengthening the mind is just as important as training the body. 

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Balance is not a popular concept today.  Our society flocks to extremes.  Carbs are healthy, Carbs make you fat.  Wine is healthy, wine is poison.  5 minute Abs or work out an hour and a half a day for 90 days. All work, no play or all play, no work.  A healthy lifestyle should not be extreme.  Extreme training, extreme nutrition, extreme devotion to work; each are merely a flash in the pan.  What you are able to sustain is what matters, not what you can endure for a short period of time.  There should be balance between work and play, feast and famine, tension and relaxation. If not there is no balance, life has a funny way of bringing us back to the middle. In training we call this injury, in relationships we call this strife, and in diets we call this binging. One extreme is met by the other until there is balance. An understanding of balance will help create lasting results in whatever goal you pursue.

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What drives you? What are the things in this world that you truly value? Do you believe that there is a God? The answers to these questions will govern your decisions in this life. 

Personally, I believe that the human body is beautifully choreographed and there is an amazing God who designed it.  This influences what I value and the decisions I make in every other aspect of my life from training and eating to finances and relationships. The condition of your spirit impacts the way you live your life.