I provide training and nutrition programs for people seeking to utilize strength training and healthy eating as a means to a greater end NOT to become the end themselves.

This means that if you are seeking to compete in a barbell sport like powerlifting, weightlifting, or CrossFit, I am more than likely not the coach you are seeking.

Not that these sports are bad things. They are great hobbies if you are looking for a hobby.

The training and eating programs here are meant to help men and women with careers and families to build and maintain healthy, resilient, adaptable bodies so that they can experience life to the upmost.


Nutrition Coaching Program

Nutrition is a hot topic these days with so many people wondering what they should be eating and with so much information available (often conflicting) it is tough to make an informed decision about what, how much, and how often to eat and THEN apply the information consistently so that you can make a positive change.

  • Nutrition demystified

  • Quick-Start Guide

  • Shopping List

  • Daily Nutrition and Lifestyle Lessons over the course of a whole year

  • Accountability and Tracking of Progress

  • Coaching support and Bi Weekly Check-ins

  • Habit based approach to nutrition providing lasting results



Basic Training and Nutrition

All of the benefits of the nutrition coaching program plus a year worth of intelligently designed workouts designed to get you the results that you have been searching for.

  • All the features of our nutrition coaching

  • Expert designed yearlong workout plan that is flexible and based on your goals

  • Limited Time and Equipment workouts

  • Monthly Phone Consultation for added accountability



Premium Training and Nutrition

Expert training and nutrition coaching with additional resources and accountability.

  • Nutrition Coaching Program

  • Video Movement Assessment

  • Technique Analysis to ensure maximum benefit of exercises

  • Custom program design based on your goals, assessment, weekly schedule, life stress, history of injury, and current knowledge of exercise.

  • Weekly Check-in over phone or Skype

    $449/mo (Limited Spots)