A virtuous approach to fitness and nutrition coaching.

Make your time and money go further than if you were to sign up with a trainer at your local big box gym.

After an initial consultation we work together to develop a simple and balanced training program that allows for you be consistent within YOUR life, on YOUR time, and takes into account the unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities of YOUR body. We also work to develop a sustainable approach to eating that works for YOU long-term.

No more guess work. No more performing workouts designed for someone else. No more Tupperware (if you don’t want). You learn how to build a body that is strong, lean, resilient, adaptable, and full of energy in a way that is simple and balanced so that you can maintain your results consistently.

How virtue fitness and nutrition coaching works


Your training program is designed for you. Whether you are a seasoned warrior or new to training, your workouts take into account where you are now and what you want to accomplish in AND outside of the gym.

Your training program is designed to compliment your lifestyle and add to the quality of your life. This is a virtuous pursuit.


Your nutrition is hugely important. You only train once a day but eat (usually) multiple times a day. Additionally, nutrition is highly individualized based on health and fitness goals as well as lifestyle and food preferences.

I will show you the principles behind a sound nutrition program and how to develop great nutrition habits that will last a lifetime. You get to learn what foods work well for your body AND how to integrate the foods that you love into a healthy and sustainable nutrition practice.


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